Study: Climate Crisis Is “Not Evident Yet”

Four Italian scientists released a study earlier this year that was published in The European Physical Journal Plus. The manuscript says that there is a lack of scientific data supporting the idea that the planet is currently experiencing a climate crisis. From The Epoch Times:

The study assessed time series and crisis indicators—such as natural disasters, heat waves, and crop yields—ultimately concluding that observations to date show “no clear positive trends of extreme events.”

“In conclusion on the basis of observational data, the climate crisis that, according to many sources, we are experiencing today, is not evident yet,” said the authors—physicist Gianluca Alimonti, professor of agrometeorology Luigi Mariani, atmospheric physicist Franco Prodi, and physicist Renato Angelo Ricci.

Regardless of the state of the climate, if renewable energy sources were more efficient than fossil fuels to provide for people’s energy needs then it would make sense to switch to them. The reality is that they don’t and no amount of lavishing renewables with government favoritism will change that.

The Italian scientists do observe we certainly should work to minimize our impact on the planet and to minimize air and water pollution and those are worthy goals to pursue. However, the researchers also point out:

Fearing a climate emergency without this being supported by data, means altering the framework of priorities with negative effects that could prove deleterious to our ability to face the challenges of the future, squandering natural and human resources in an economically difficult context[.]

To summarize: Everyone needs to calm down, not over react, and resolve environmental problems rationally. Very good advice.