Biden’s War On Europe Could Be Another Gift To China

It was bound to come into focus sooner or later. Europe’s recent push for so-called clean energy didn’t make sense, especially in light of the continent’s energy crisis and recent events prove Biden isn’t a puppet to anyone either. A statement just made by Biden’s Secretary of State Anthony Blinken addressing the recent bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines gives a clue:

The there is this threat Biden issued 8 months ago:

As it turns out, U.S. military aircraft were seen carrying out sorties in the vicinity of the Nordstream incident site last month. The conflict in Ukraine is looking like a smokescreen to hide Biden’s meddling in European affairs to benefit not only the United States, but also China. There is a war going on, but it’s one conducted behind the scenes to undermine European industry and in hopes of ousting Putin.

With Europe’s high energy prices resulting from Russia’s retaliation for E.U. sanctions, a lot of their factories (especially in Germany) have had to close. With that, European manufacturing is flocking to the United States and, consequently, our factory jobs are growing. The country most impacted by all of this is Germany and, historically, the U.S. has made it a point to try to put hurdles between Russia and Germany in order to prevent economic cooperation between the two countries and sabotaging the pipelines are one effort toward this aim.

It is likely that Europe will soon back away entirely from so-called green energy, and there are indications it is already starting to occur. In terms of energy, the continent has lost its competitive edge and the unrest that has broken out due to higher energy and living costs could spurn Europe to finally sack its renewable push or speed up the demise of the E.U. overall.

Even Vladimir Putin has admitted publicly some tensions with China over the Ukrainian war and, thanks to its sufficient capacity and increased exports, no doubt the Middle Kingdom will find some way to supply fossil fuels to Europe while the E.U. tries to revive itself. None the less, U.S. gas prices are going up again and the Biden administration still wants you to buy an electric car.