Berlin “Antifa” Group Pursues High Energy Users, Socializes Heated Pools

Very reminiscent of when Bane and his henchmen took over Gotham City in The Dark Knight Rises and echoes of 1920’s Berlin. From the No Tricks Zone:

A Berlin-based leftist Antifa group threatens any property that is excessively consuming energy will be “immediately collectivized”.

In an attempt to get some control over the acute energy crisis now sweeping across Germany, the government implemented not long ago some measures to reduce gas and electricity consumption.

Energy consumption restrictions

For example, shops and businesses are not allowed to leave doors and windows open. After 10 pm, illuminated advertising must be turned off. At night, monuments and other sights can no longer be illuminated. Public buildings like city halls etc. will not heat their hallways anymore and the temperature in the offices is not allowed to exceed 19 degrees Celsius.

Energy greenshirts

And if you own a private pool, you are not allowed to heat it with gas or electricity anymore. To make sure this energy transgression never happens. the Quartiersmanagement Grunewald (Grunewald Neighborhood Management), “an Antifa squad”, has recently devoted itself to heating inspections, reports German bankruptcy monitoring site here. “They are voluntarily turning themselves into the long arm of the state and want to check whether the federal government’s energy-saving regulations are actually being adhered to.”

Collectivizing swimming pools, saunas

Under the motto “Heat to the public good” the group wants to patrol the villa district in the upscale district of Grunewald and check whether the pools of the residents are being illegally heated.

On Twitter, the radical Antifa group writes: “If we find a hot pool in the villa district, it will be immediately collectivized in the sense of public pool parties.” But not only pools, also “sighted saunas will be directly socialized.” They add that they will also be accompanied by punk rock bands.

Audi’s Green Police Super Bowl commercial is turning out to be more prophetic than ever.