Eco-Activists Accused Of Having “Blood On Their Hands” Delaying Ambulance, Car Crash

Two environmentalists with Just Stop Oil are accused of causing the deaths of two British women resulting from their publicity stunt at the QEII Bridge in Dartford Crossing delaying emergency responders being able to reach the women in time.

Lisa Webber, from Swanley, Kent, was hit by a speeding BMW car and thrown into on-coming traffic when she had stopped on the hard-shoulder of the busy M20 motorway to help another driver who had lost control in heavy rain. 

Builder Mark Heap, 55, also came to a halt to help release the female driver of the stricken grey Infinity Q30 car four hours after the protest began on Monday.

But both women and Mr Heap were run down by the BMW that attempted to avoid the huge traffic jam caused by the blockade of the vital M25 Thames River crossing.

Heap says that while the two misfits may not have deliberately caused the crash, he accuses the environmentalists of having blood on their hands since their actions caused traffic delays that resulted in them. One former police detective’s conclusion supports Mead’s assertion as well.

It should be of note, that a recent investigative report by the London Times reveals that Just Stop Oil’s mayhem is bankrolled by none other than Aileen Getty, the niece of California billionaire oil tycoon J. Paul Getty. Financing this kind of activism is obviously a way for Getty to keep her market share since she obviously hates the idea of other people becoming wealthy. Now two people have died because of what Getty paid for and no doubt she could care less.

Image by Netto Figueiredo from Pixabay