Radio Talk Show Host Spends 1 Hour, Drives 15 Miles To Locate EV Car Charger

KRLA radio talk show co-host and former Newsmax television personality Grant Stinchfield has a friend who owns a Tesla vehicle. Earlier this month, Stinchfield posted a video on Instagram detailing the search for an available charging station due to his friend’s car battery needing charging.

When Stinchfield and his friend found a charging station, it was after they drove for 15 miles in 1 hour. However, the lot was filled with Tesla vehicles who’s owners were waiting in line. Worst of all, according to Car and Driver, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 10 hours depending on what type of battery your car has and your usage of the vehicle.

There are lots of stories and videos of electric vehicle owners showing the difficulties they experience when recharging their car batteries. This as opposed to a gas station where it only takes a few minutes to fill a fossil fuel-powered car’s gas tank.

There’s nothing wrong with owning an electric vehicle, but people should have the choice to own one and with places, like California, seeking to force people to buy electric cars despite the problems associated with them (such as the cost) is absolutely wrong. Especially when taking into account the increased cost of living resulting from Biden’s money printing (i.e. inflation).

Image by Mikes-Photography from Pixabay