German Climate Extremists Occupy Berlin Airport Runway By Gluing Themselves To Tarmac

Hoodlums in Germany with the climate cult group The Last Generation caused flight delays of up to two hours at Berlin Brandenburg Airport last week when some of the environmentalists glued themselves to the runway tarmac.

The activists livestreamed their protest on Twitter, showing some gluing themselves to the ground and others cycling around the site. The footage on Twitter showed them cutting through a fence and holding up banners. They said that a 70 year-old man was among them and taking part in the protest.

Some 13 flights had been diverted to airports in the eastern state of Saxony due to the disruption, German RBB broadcaster reported, citing an airport operating company.

The organization said they contacted police beforehand and the reason for the action was to condemn air travel as not a means of transportation for normal citizens. Not surprisingly, the mean greenies blame only a small percentage of the population is affluent enough to do it but blames wealthy people for most flight-oriented greenhouse gas emissions.

German academia and the mainstream media’s propaganda is working well to produce even more misfits for their fear-based leftist campaign that results in people being worked up over such madness.

Image by Tobias Rehbein from Pixabay