Gaslighting Meat

The Biden White House has declared war on America, specifically on the western states. In this video, Tony Heller discusses another way they are working to destroy our civilization via junk science despite recent studies showing cattle actually fight climate change.

The Nuclear Option

John Stossel has a column published at Reason‘s website pointing out that if environmentalists really believed climate change is an existential threat, they should support nuclear power — the only technology that has a track record of rapidly replacing fossil fuels.

Environmentalism Under Biden

Shakira Jackson, CFACT Driessen Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh, Bradford, organized a talk with Gabriella Hoffman, host of CFACT’s Conservation Nation video series and District of Conservation podcast. Ms. Hoffman discussed true conservation and how it is being distorted in today’s environmental debate.

The Red-Green Menace

In this Climate Discussion Nexus Backgrounder, Dr. John Robson warns of a weird convergence between the Green movement’s Net Zero plan and the Chinese Communist Party’s Hundred Year Marathon plan, both of which would leave the West crippled by rejection of fossil fuels by 2050 while China became globally dominant by exploiting them. PHOTO CREDIT:… Read More The Red-Green Menace

Massive Demand For Cannabis Results In Huge Carbon Footprint

So much for environmentalists claiming that the legal marijuana industry’s carbon emissions are nothing compared to other industries since, in theory, cannabis could be grown outdoors. Colorado is also going to have to re-think a proposal floated last year to use craft brewery emissions in order to help the Centennial State’s pot industry due to… Read More Massive Demand For Cannabis Results In Huge Carbon Footprint