5 Leftist Terrorists Arrested in Atlanta, Georgia

During May, Atlanta police arrested a group of self proclaimed forest defenders who threw rocks and fire bombs at officers as part of an effort to prevent the construction of a police training facility. The group lives in a forest near the construction site and built tree houses in the area claiming they are residents. The terrorists also harassed local residents, construction workers and even blocked roads. But when police were present to protect the construction workers, the hoodlums threw rocks at them.

Earlier this month, a man stopped at the construction site to inspect what he thought might have been junk only to have been attacked by the punks and his abandoned truck set on fire by them.

Ironically enough, the same day that the vehicle fire took place, two homes that were being built nearby were set on fire. Last Saturday, firefighters had objects thrown at them while attempting to extinguish a dumpster fire at the construction site too.

A few days ago, when police attempted to remove barricades the terrorists erected the cops had rocks and bottles thrown at them. Thankfully the police then arrested the criminals charging the bunch with domestic terrorism. Not surprisingly, a group representing the terrorists contacted Atlanta news organizations, such as 11 Alive, alleging the so-called forest defenders were being attacked by police.

It is unfortunate that this went on for so long and no doubt the perpetrators were able to make bail previously thanks to crowdfunding efforts on the part of supporters. As it turns out, the thugs who perpetrated these terrorist activities are associated with Antifa and had hoped to establish an autonomous zone similar to what was done in Seattle. The claim of them being forest defenders was obviously the pitch they used. But despite their pseudo-environmentalist claims, fortunately, they’ve been brought to justice and, hopefully, will spend quite a bit of time behind bars.

PHOTO CREDIT: By Derek Simeone – Welcome to CHAZ, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=91194146