U.S. Postal Service To Pay Out $10 BILLION To Convert To Electric Vehicles

In order to help fight climate change, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is slated to pay out $9.6 billion on 66,000 electric trucks and their infrastructure. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, BILLION, and no doubt that is contingent upon them not catching fire.

The United States Postal Service is aiming to acquire at least 66,000 battery electric delivery vehicles by 2028– playing its part in reducing emissions. All new vehicles acquired by the postal service from 2026 through 2028 are expected to be 100% electric.

The postal service plans to acquire 60,000 “next generation delivery vehicles” – at least 75% of which will be battery electric – plus an additional 21,000 battery electric commercial vehicles off the shelf, depending on availability, according to a news release. 

The USPS currently has more than 220,000 old vehicles in its fleet and delivers to 163 million addresses, six days per week.

Though most of the money to pay for the new vehicles will come from the Postal Service’s budget, Congress has set aside $3 billion to assist with the effort. In a certain sense, the price tag makes sense since the U.S. government operates the largest vehicle fleet in the world. But imagine the huge amounts of indirect carbon emissions these new vehicles will produce and our tax dollars will pay for it.

Worst of all, during February, Congress forgave most of the agency’s $63 billion debt and even provided the Postal Service a bailout of $107 billion. In fairness, the electric vehicle purchases are ultimately a pledge and won’t begin until 2026. Hopefully, Biden will be turned out of office before this takes place (if it does at all).

Then there’s the continuous inefficiencies the Postal Service suffers from that many of us are aware of and the good citizens of deep Blue Flagstaff, Arizona recently experienced:

“Flagstaff Main Post Office has not been delivering mail to our 65-unit townhouse community except sporadically,” said Sherri Jablonski, a resident of East Spring Meadows Circle, near Foxglenn Park.

“The week of Dec. 5 we went three days without delivery, finally receiving our mail on Dec. 10. Last week we did not receive any mail until Dec. 15,” Jablonski added.

This sporadic service was enough to send Jablonksi and a neighbor to their local post office to inquire about the delays.

“We were both given the following reasons,” Jablonski said. “It’s the holidays, we’re short-staffed, if it’s dark when they get to your mailbox unit, they will bring all your mail back to the post office.”

It’s more important to spend billions in order to fight climate change than people getting their mail delivered on time.

Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

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  1. Lysander Spooner tried to compete with that Comstockist monopoly. I’m eager to bet money that as soon as all those 1903 reruns get frozen to alleviate the subsequent energy shortage. The looter Kleptocracy will doubtless send the IRS fanning out to grab another 100 BILLION dollars to follow those 10 billion down the rathole. To hell with legalizing and deregulating nuclear energy.


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