Wednesday … Er … Greta Thunberg Attends German Coal Mine Opposition, Violence Ensues

Like any other self-promoter, green guru Wednesday … er … Greta Thunberg joined opposition to a coal mine expansion slated to take place in the abandoned town of Lützerath located near the city of Aachen in Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

As ITV points out, the destruction of the village was the result of a deal struck with Germany’s Green Party in order to move up the country’s ending use of coal by 2030 rather than 2038. However, none of that matters to the anti-human cultists who engaged in violent clashes with police that resulted in civilian and officers being injured. From Die Welt:

There were clashes between police officers and demonstrators. Activists, some of whom were masked, threw mud and lit fireworks.

During a speech she gave at the end of the event, Die Welt reports Thunberg continued to incite anti-coal protesters to active resistance,if not outright violence, saying: As long as the coal is in the ground the fight is not over, and We do not intend to give up.

Thunberg also said, according to Die Welt, that it was a shame that Germany is resorting to using coal during a climate crisis. However, no country (including Germany) would not have to if environmentalist groups stopped opposing the use of nuclear power.