Congressional GOP Backs Bill To Prevent Gas Stove Ban

Over 40 House Republicans introduced legislation recently to prevent the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) from banning gas stoves. The bill’s author, Darrell Issa, is quoted by Fox News as saying:

“The Biden Administration’s clear consideration to ban an appliance used by more than 40 million homes and 76 percent of restaurants is worse than Green New Deal-style regulation run amok. It is a preposterous overreach of federal power that would deny Americans a necessary product they use every day.”

It was during December that a group of House Democrats urged the Consumer Product Safety Commission to implement stronger rules on gas stoves based on claims of indoor air pollution and health problems they allegedly cause. Consequently, this week CPSC seemed to have listened and Bloomberg reported that a total ban of gas stoves by the agency was being considered. Thankfully, the CPSC seemed to back down due to backlash.

Even though Joe Biden said he opposes banning gas stoves, he should not be believed. Biden said would only raise taxes on the wealthy but is untrue, especially since the inflation we’re experiencing is a tax too. Despite his opposition to Donald Trump, Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy is correct to point out during this Fox Business interview that the efforts to ban gas stoves is a means to outlaw using natural gas.

PHOTO CREDIT: Natural gas burning on a gas stove – By CARLOS534 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,