British Animal Rights Activist Wishes Death On A Woman Fishing

A foul-mouthed animal rights activist was caught on camera viciously berating a woman simply for fishing.

This haddock heckler seemed like she was trying to bait her.

A UK woman’s relaxing fishing trip turned out to be anything but when she was berated by a swim-pinionated passerby — who called her a “vile bitch” who should be “drowned” for enjoying the leisure sport.

A video of the cod-blocker’s unhinged tirade is making a splash online.

“It took me completely in shock,” Elsa Joan, 24, told South West News Service of the wild encounter, which occurred Sunday, Jan. 8, while she was casting lines in Brooklands Lake in her hometown of Dartford, Kent.

The environmentalist cult knows no bounds in trying to cajole people into compliance with their extreme agenda. Short of them, environmentalists seek to rid the Earth of as many human beings as they can by denying them sources of food to sustain life.