Project Veritas Donors Try To Oust James O’Keefe, Other Donors Retaliate

Shortly after exposing Pfizer of conducting gain of function research experiments, some donors and board members of Project Veritas are now trying to kick out the group’s leader, James O’Keefe.

Not surprisingly, after word of the attempt to kick out O’Keefe was revealed, Project Veritas made a laughable effort at damage control. In reality, their official statement speaks volumes and literally confirms what is already known.

According to Old Row, it is PV’s structure that contributed to this and that a Stalinistic kangaroo court trial took place in which none of the board members tried to stop it. What is certain is that James O’Keefe has been removed by PV’s board and placed on paid leave.

The Daily Beast recently published an article detailing the accusations against James O’Keefe, but it may be a propaganda piece hoping to prevent O’Keefe from undertaking a new endeavor when the controversy has settled. By definition, Project Veritas is a right-wing group, but the corporate quasi-leftists allowed to serve on the board was obviously the foot in the door opportunity needed to help corrupt it.

Despite the board’s inaction on preventing this fiasco, fortunately, not all of the PV’s donors are taking all of this sitting down.

James O’Keefe, is intertwined with Project Veritas. When all of the dust settles, as one tweet points out, people will follow him with their time and money to a new effort O’Keefe organizes, leaving PV donors and board members who turned against him with nothing more than an empty shell.

The left destroys that which they cannot or do not control or create. So far, no word on James O’Keefe or the group’s status including if his purge will proceed.