European Union Votes To Ban Fossil-Fuel Cars By 2035

This is one more step to create the caste system the left is pursuing.

The European Parliament on Tuesday formally approved a law to effectively ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in the European Union from 2035, aiming to speed up the switch to electric vehicles and combat climate change.

The landmark rules will require that by 2035 carmakers must achieve a 100% cut in CO2 emissions from new cars sold, which would make it impossible to sell new fossil fuel-powered vehicles in the 27-country bloc.

The law will also set a 55% cut in CO2 emissions for new cars sold from 2030 versus 2021 levels, much higher than the existing target of a 37.5%.

The parliament’s lead negotiator, Jan Huitema, laughingly told Reuters “The operating costs of an electric vehicle are already lower than the operating costs of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine.” Huitema is lying when one takes into account the actual costs not only to purchase an electric vehicle but also to charge them as well.

As was pointed out before, electric vehicles are nothing more than a status symbol for wealthy or well-connected leftists to virtue signal, while the plebes will be poorer, less free, and forced to travel in crowded buses or trolleys.