Another Humpback Whale Death In New Jersey Leads To Renewed Calls To Sack Offshore Wind Turbines

The carcass of another humpback whale has washed up on a New Jersey beach making it the ninth whale death since December.

A whale washed ashore in Manasquan, New Jersey, on Monday – the ninth whale found dead since early December on the New York-New Jersey shores – further stoking the debate about what’s causing the frequent mortalities along the Atlantic Coast.

“I’m currently standing on the beach a few hundred feet from the Manasquan Inlet watching yet another dead whale wash into the surf,” Point Pleasant Beach Mayor Paul Kanitra posted on Facebook on Monday. “Governor, when do these stop becoming coincidences? How many more will it take?”

What’s behind the whale mortalities has not been clearly established, but theories abound. Some local activists and officials blame offshore wind development in the region, claiming construction of the sites causes harm to marine animals. But federal officials have pushed back, saying that’s not what the evidence shows.

Consequently, the discovery of the whale’s dead body has lead to renewed calls to end construction of off-shore wind farms by environmentalists alleging the wind turbines may be responsible for multiple whale deaths off New Jersey and New York coasts. However, proponents of wind farms state there is no evidence shows they cause the demise of whales and even New Jersey’s governor, Phil Murphy, has said he won’t halt his state’s offshore wind turbine construction.

What this is coming to is a civil war between environmentalist Jacobins who are upfront about their wanting to shut down all forms of energy and the others who prefer a scientific approach. However, both factions are on the same page because both parties know renewable energy cannot provide for people’s energy needs and their advocacy for renewable sources is ultimately window dressing.

Environmentalists’ actions speak louder than their words. Greens not only do not want fossil fuels used but they also oppose energy facilities for the power sources they support or back them despite renewable energy’s inability to provide an adequate supply of energy. In the end, environmentalists would rather people (except themselves, of course) literally live in a Dark Age.