Some EV Owners Get Rude Awakening About Costs

This is what happens when people buy a status symbol to virtue signal rather than a reliable vehicle for transportation.

Here’s how much electricity prices have surged in parts of New England this winter: For some drivers of electric vehicles and hybrid cars, it’s now more expensive to charge up than to fill up.

Power rates across the region have jumped an average of 30% since last summer, while gasoline prices have receded well below their peak in June of 2022. Web engineer Matt Cain, who lives in Amherst, Massachusetts, said he ran a price comparison when his electricity bill shot up in January and found that his overall costs for utilities had climbed a whopping 50%.

“We have a Prius Prime that we normally drive around town, and we drive most of it on electricity. It’s now 50% more expensive than fueling it with gas,” he told CBS MoneyWatch. 

CBS News also says that the people featured in this report are a small segment of the overall EV driving population, but they note the volatility of fuel prices complicates things when choosing between an electric or gas-powered vehicle, including the additional $10,000 people have to pay in order to buy an electric car.

But electric vehicles are a status symbol that will only be available to the wealthy or well-connected leftists who demonstrate their worth of being part of the privileged class, while the plebes will be forced to take public transportation measures such as crowded buses or trolleys. In other words, electric vehicles will be a symbol of leftist privilege.