#WheresPete? Biden Transportation Secretary Finally Comments On Ohio Train Derailment

After Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg took time to joke about too many White Men working in construction:

Then taking the time to dance on the graves of victims of a recent mass shooting at Michigan State University:

But it was only after being blasted on Twitter that Buttigieg finally broke his silence on the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment 10 days after it occurred.

The residents of East Palestine and other areas in the region fear for their lives. With dead animals, and hazardous materials experts only recently disclosing the hazardous chemicals on the train, many citizens are (understandably) even aghast as to why the EPA allowed people to return to their homes. Many locals don’t want to go home because they don’t believe the EPA. Can’t say as I blame them since His Fraudulency’s Transportation Secretary (who is in charge of overseeing the country’s infrastructure) is obviously only concerned about a political soapbox and not actually doing his job.