Biden Administration Refuses Aid For East Palestine, Ohio Disaster

East Palestine, Ohio and the surrounding area did vote heavily for Donald Trump so this rebuke is not surprising in many ways. But federal officials sure will hold Norfolk Southern accountable but not a dime to help East Palestine, Ohio citizens.

It is astounding at how little attention has been paid by the administration and, up until recently, the media about the East Palestine, Ohio calamity. Obviously, Biden is downplaying it since he doesn’t want it to become more of an issue than it really is despite the millions of gallons of toxic waste and health problems that resulted from the disaster.

This also is probably why Biden’s Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, has been making television appearances rather than going to the scene and meeting with area residents. In other words, he doesn’t care.

But Mayor Peter just had to get a dig in blaming Trump for what happened.

Obviously, since the region of Ohio where East Palestine is located, the Biden administration’s logic is the citizens there got what they deserved.

Therefore, one obviously has to be part of Biden’s inner circle to be in the know as to how this helps heal a divided country.