Study: Migitate Climate Change With World War II-Style Rationing

State-imposed energy, food shortages and hunger. What could possibly go wrong?

World War II-style rationing could be an effective way to reduce carbon emissions, according to new research from the University of Leeds.

In a paper published today in the journal Ethics, Policy and Environment, academics argue that rationing could help states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions rapidly and fairly.

Policymakers have considered other schemes to reduce emissions, including carbon taxes and personal carbon trading schemes, but the researchers say these favor the wealthy, who could buy the right to pollute if trading were allowed.

The authors argue that carbon rationing would instead allow people to receive an equitable portion of resources based on their needs, therefore sharing out the effort to protect the planet.

Even though researchers acknowledge that (if allowed) wealthy individuals could weather (pun intended) such a calamity, the scientists also point out even more massive government intervention would be needed such as limiting long-haul flights (better cancel that vacation to Cancun), and even monthly allowances of gas purchases. This while at first making the case to regulate certain economic sectors (like domestic oil industries) that scientists know would create shortages that rationing could help manage.

The manuscript’s researchers even allude to the revival of Depression-Era policies where all-encompassing carbon allowance, giving out ‘carbon cards’ like bank cards to track and limit usage.

No doubt this will go over really well at the ballot box and the scientists behind this research understand people may not tolerate it. Sadly, food rationing is already occurring in places like the Great Britain. This brought to you by Europe’s energy crisis.

The there are countries, like the Netherlands, the EU is cajoling to shut down farms citing methane emissions.

Then there are the protests in Europe due to energy rationing resulting from high energy prices when the EU embraced so-called renewable energy.

But don’t worry, ladies and gentlemen, enlightened European politicians are already espousing much needed advice to their constituents to help weather the catastrophe.

However, what happened with Great Britain’s experience with food rationing can still be viewed for all of the world to see.

With all of this in mind, don’t forget about lines common in the Soviet Union resulting from food rationing and most other consumer goods too. There’s even a book of recipes available if you’d like to experience the kind of meals Russians had to make while living under Communism.

The study’s researchers are correct that the people will revolt to avoid an artificial emergency. So far, in light of present circumstances, the United States isn’t doing bad and, by and large, Americans aren’t buying the recent climate change hysteria. However, it remains to be seen how long it will last until Biden, the World Economic Forum, or other Deep State honchos attempt to follow the science again.

In closing, it really isn’t paranoia when environmentalists and their allies in academia, government, and media really are trying to kill you.

PHOTO CREDIT: Circa 1974 – By David Falconer/National Archives, Records of the Environmental Protection Agency –, Public Domain,