Huge Farmer Turnout In Brussels To Protest Green Tyranny

They’re baaaaack!

Hundreds of tractors driven by angry farmers protesting a plan to cut nitrate levels converged on Brussels on Friday, creating major traffic disruption in Belgium’s capital city.

The BB farmers union and several others combined efforts to gather more than 2,700 farm vehicles, according to Brussels police.

Several major roads in Brussels were closed and police warned that disruptions could last until the end of the day, recommending that people use public transportation instead of personal cars.

The Flemish regional government is struggling to find a deal to cut nitrate pollution over farmers’ objections that it would put many out of business.

This isn’t just happening in Brussels. Similar controversies across Europe (most notably the Netherlands) have been occurring over similar issues and farmers have been the ones hitting the streets using their public opposition warning people of what is happening, including how European elites’ policies will badly disrupt their food supply.

The AP says that Dutch elections are in two weeks and by then Europe will see if voters prefer the elite’s climate agenda or agricultural production. Hopefully it will be the latter. The farmers have been more than willing to negotiate and have even made concessions to reduce their emissions.

But the proposals European politicians are proposing will shut the farmers down for good and seriously curtail food production. One cannot help but conclude that Eurocrats want to experience Sri Lanka’s food crisis in an attempt to kill people off. They couldn’t ruin people’s lives enough with COVID-19 so they ratchet up pushing for climate policies that will have a similar if not worse effect.

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