“Super Pigs” May Have Arrived In The U.S.

While the population of feral hogs has grown significantly in the U.S., Newsweek reveals one species that originated in Canada poses a far larger problem not only to other species and their carrying diseases but also the threat they pose to agricultural production. Unless PETA gets involved, perhaps we’ll get lucky and these new hogs will get wiped out by climate change.


2 thoughts on ““Super Pigs” May Have Arrived In The U.S.

  1. How karmic. Some years ago officious bureaucrats in Texas pignapped Bubba, the pet javelina who watched the home of an elderly couple who doted on their tame pet. But the snot police confiscated and frogmarched Bubba into the wild where hunters with guns search and shoot javelinas on sight. Bubba was never seen alive and the elderly couple were devastated by the cruelty and gratuitous initiation of force that killed their pet. Schadenfreude here…


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