DeKalb County Police Clear Atlanta Park Where “Cop City” Eco-Terrorists Lived

Three weeks after police tangled with eco-terrorists staked out in the Intrenchment Creek Park in Altanta where a police training facility is to be built, DeKalb County Police are clearing out the park of the remaining people and debris that remain as part of an executive order issued by DeKalb County’s Chief Executive Officer. During their sweep, officers not only made one arrest but also made some surprising discoveries.

During a press conference held today, a police spokesperson described officers finding unknown and potentially dangerous contraptions (i.e. booby traps) in the park.

Shortly after the announcement was made that clear cutting would begin once the park was sufficiently cleared, leftist nihilists were in an uproar vowing to protest at Atlanta City Hall.

The last time they did protested the training facility’s construction, a number of people were arrested due to the event degenerating into violence. It won’t be surprising if the same thing happens again.

The purpose of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center was to enhance training for area police officers in order to avoid situations involving potential police brutality. However, despite getting essentially what they wanted, the left opposes the facility’s construction which shows they weren’t serious and want more police violence.