Prominent Physicist Concludes Renewable Energy “Fails On Every Count”

Oxford University Physics Professor Wade Allison recently asserted that the U.K. government ignores the staggering amounts of evidence of the inadequacy of renewable energy (especially wind power) and furthers propaganda rather than objective analysis. In a short paper published recently by the Global Warming Policy Foundation, Allison warned that the UK is facing the likelihood of frequent electricity shortages and calls for a realistic national energy policy.

Professor Allison says:

Whichever way you look at it, wind power is inadequate. It is intermittent and unreliable; it is exposed and vulnerable; it is weak with a short life-span.

Below are two graphs Dr. Allison used:

This graph shows the variability of wind power across Europe:

This graph shows offshore wind generation for the United Kingdom:

As you can see, wind power is not as reliable as many people have been lead to believe and Dr. Allison also concluded that solar power is also unsustainable due to the sun’s energy is extremely weak. Even batteries to store energy generated by wind and solar farms will have problems since, as Allison points out, they will have safety issues, manufacturers will experience mineral shortages when trying to construct them, and batteries would not be adequate to store enough power.

Nuclear scientist Dr. Wallace Manheimer came to a similar conclusion as Dr. Allison last year, saying that not only are wind and solar renewable energy sources unreliable, but they are too expensive and needlessly ruin large swaths of the natural environment, in which both sources are not adequate to meet people’s energy needs.