Now It Makes Sense: Corporate America’s Embracing Wokeism Is A Pragmatic Move

I have been watching with fascination the backlash against Bud Light for their embracing Dyland Mulvaney. Eventually, I concluded, some information would be revealed that eventually would make sense as to why Budweiser made this move. It doesn’t make sense that a gay man would become transgender and quickly be the symbol of Budweiser’s new found wokeism. Now evidence is coming out revealing why all of this is happening.

For example, a New York Post article revealing a Corporate Equality Index extortion racket makes some sense as to why corporate America is embracing woke or transgender ideology. But, as it turns out, that doesn’t tell the whole story.

A complaint made by hardcore leftist author Matt Osborne has quoted in a Breitbart piece gives a good explanation why corporate America has embraced wokeism. It is a move grounded in pragmatism:

Antifa goons are too busy shouting down women speaking out against “gender identity” encroachments on their sports, spaces, and prisons to take on the [economic] system, anymore. “Human rights activists” [ignore economics to] protest organizations that won’t kowtow to transgender supremacy. “Trans activism” consumes progressive energy, time, and oxygen, purges radical ranks in struggle sessions, yet enjoys an absurd degree of funding compared to any issue space I ever saw in my own “netroots” decade.

As Breitbart points out, Osborne says this is a pragmatic move in order to pacify some on the left from wreaking havoc on corporations. In short, it is the old leftist bait-and-switch. People like Ibram Kendi deliver presentations to corporate boards, educational institution administrations, or business trade associations, point to groups like ANTIFA or Black Lives (Don’t) Matter telling them: You deal with them or you deal with me.

In light of this, Donald Trump Jr.’s recent video urging an end to the Bud Light boycott and other well known companies embracing Dylan Mulvaney makes sense. Budweiser’s CEO’s days as a CIA agent are also coming in handy since this is obviously an attempt at a psychological operation and not necessarily an indication that corporate America has gone woke. So far, in terms of hindering the left’s Revolution, such a move may be working.

Not only is Trump Jr. calling for the Bud Light boycott to end for potential legal reasons but Budweiser is said to have paid out lots of contributions to Republicans, moreso than to Democrats. Regardless of the reasons for corporate America embracing gender or woke ideology or for Donald Trump Jr.’s calls for the Bud Light boycott to end, entities (be they companies or schools) that embrace any semblance of woke ideology in hopes of appeasing the left (regardless of the reasons) have to be held accountable since their doing so is a perverse trade-off. Therefore, not only should the boycott continue, but after Budweiser surrenders or dies, move on to other companies that have embraced wokeism and subject them to the same public bludgeoning.