Study: Recycling Is Bad For The Environment

Another article for either the No kidding, Dick Tracy or I told ya so! file.

Contrary to what climate activists have claimed for years, plastic recycling is polluting the water and air, a new study has found.

The peer-reviewed study led by Erina Brown, a plastics scientist at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, found that up to 13 percent of recycled plastics become microplastics, tiny particles smaller than five millimeters that pollute air and water, if wash water from recycling plants is not filtered. Brown and her team studied wastewater at a mixed plastics recycling facility in the United Kingdom and found it could produce up to 6.5 million pounds of microplastic per year.

“The findings are certainly alarming enough that it’s worthy of far more investigation and understanding of how widespread of an issue this might be,” said Anja Brandon, associate director of U.S. plastics policy at Ocean Conservancy.

The new study adds to the growing skepticism of recycling’s merit and feasibility in helping the environment. The Biden administration’s environmental czars, meanwhile, have set their sights on other initiatives like phasing out gas stoves and shutting down coal and gas plants.

So the left moves on to another current thing when one of their ideas is found to do the opposite of what they claimed all along. It also doesn’t help that Western countries, like the United States and Europe, convinced Asian countries, like India and the Philippines, to accept their trash as part of recycling efforts.

Essentially, Asia became the West’s dumping ground. That explains the high amounts of garbage ending up in the ocean and that region of the world is where most of the plastic ends up. Small wonder China and other countries who agreed to recycle plastic for the West have decided to stop doing so.


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