“White People Should Not Wear Dreadlocks”

German singer Rona Malzahn was to perform at a Fridays for Future climate change event tomorrow in Hanover, Germany. Unfortunately, because she wears her hair in dreadlocks, her appearance was sacked. According to Express, because Malzahn’s hairstyle does not fit the anti-colonial anti-racist narrative, event organizers sacked her performance because white people should not wear dreadlocks.

Upon learning of this, Malzahn was, understandably, horrified. She told Express that her disappointment was due to her being judged based on her external characteristics and not her overall talent. In short, she was judged by the style of her hair and not the content of her character.

Like one TV commentator Kena Amoa who cited a FAZ reporter named Lonie Feuerbach, Express reported, warned in a recent op-ed about cultural appropriation and essentially basing decisions on it leads to the kind discrimination or bigotry that their opponents used to practice. Because the left has political power in just about every key institution in societies, such as media or entertainment, they no longer need free speech and will oppress and discriminate accordingly.