Biden BLM Nominee Called For Population Control

Joe Biden’s Bureau of Land Management head nominee, Tracy Stone-Manning, not only may have ties to eco-terrorists, at one point advocated for population control. According to the Daily Caller, Stone-Manning made a series of eight advertisements for a thesis she did for a graduate thesis that focused on the issues of overgrazing, overpopulation, a mining law from the late 1800s and the lumber industry.

One ad mentions that a human child is an environmental hazard and advocates for Americans to have no more than two children in order to protect the environment. One of her ads reads: When we overpopulate, the earth notices it more. Stop at two. It could be the best thing you do for the planet.

No doubt the Chinese Communist Party would heartily approve. However, one surprising outcome of the revelations surrounding Tracy Stone-Manning is Obama’s former head of BLM, Robert Abbey, has backed away from her nomination resulting from her alleged ties to tree spiking activities in the 1980’s.

Tracy Stone-Manning’s nomination should be loudly opposed if she does not pull out if she does not heed Robert Abbey’s calling on her to withdraw. Better candidates for this job have to be available, unless she is Biden’s assigned hatchet gal of the cattle ranch industry