After beating Ebola, destroy Malaria … with DDT

Fortunately, efforts are taking place in Africa to stem the tide of Ebola outbreaks. The pandemics are the result mainly of an African custom of washing dead bodies prior to burial. Despite President Obama's commitment of American resources to fight the virus, there is one more virus that he and some of his predecessors have … Continue reading After beating Ebola, destroy Malaria … with DDT

Obama, ebola, D68, and quarantines

Back in July the reliably Leftist opinion rag Mother Jones ran an article essentially blaming deforestation and other human activity (in other words the Americans and our way of life) for the Ebola virus outbreak. The article points to the consumption of bushmeat as well as the cleaning of dead bodies (a ritual in some … Continue reading Obama, ebola, D68, and quarantines

Here come the Ebola conspiracies

I suppose it was just a matter of time. With the recent Ebola outbreak and the public hooked on perspectives that go against the official story, who could resist a juicy story about a conspiracy between the Center for Disease Control, Big Pharma and even the media? I mean attempts to make up the Ebola … Continue reading Here come the Ebola conspiracies