Obama, ebola, D68, and quarantines

Back in July the reliably Leftist opinion rag Mother Jones ran an article essentially blaming deforestation and other human activity (in other words the Americans and our way of life) for the Ebola virus outbreak. The article points to the consumption of bushmeat as well as the cleaning of dead bodies (a ritual in some parts of Africa) as the occasions. But the authors had the audacity to cite human activity in the form of war, deforestation, mining and climate change as the primary reason for the outbreak. The article states:

What is becoming clearer, however, is that human activity is playing a major role in the initial outbreaks of these zoonotic diseases—those that jump between animal and human—like Ebola. Humans are venturing farther and farther into forests, putting more and more pressure on local ecosystems through small-scale gold and diamond mining, deforestation, and conflict. In remote West Africa, where human populations meet the forests, people are increasingly coming into contact with animals, and that, combined with traditional hunting practices, is driving up the risk of a “spillover” occurring, where Ebola can leap across species.

Despite using most of the article browbeating you, the final paragraphs of the article close on an upbeat note with stating that good public health systems in the US can identify and control diseases in the United States. I have mostly stayed out of the Ebola outbreak controversy save to write about its root cause. But have since come to learn some very disturbing developments regarding the President’s policies related not just to Ebola but diseases in general.

It was Obama’s condemnation of New York and New Jersey’s quarantines which eventually lead to the Governors of both states to scale back or not enforce them on Ebola-infected patients inspired me to look into this more closely. While there is no direct evidence that children from Central America are carriers of it, the enterovirus D68 is present largely in El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. There have also been numerous instances of US school children becoming infected and even dying from the disease’s symptoms which are similar to Polio.

Homeland Security recently admitted that communicable diseases were spreading at the detention facilities used to house illegal immigrants including the children from Central America. Not only did the Mother Jones article I cite come out in July but a curious activity from the White House too. As it turns out, President Obama urged states to drop enforcement of their laws making intentional HIV transmission a crime. The report states:

CDC data and other studies, however, tell us that intentional HIV transmission is atypical and uncommon. A recent research study also found that HIV-specific laws do not influence the behavior of people living with HIV in those states where these laws exist.

In 2011, a Michigan man named David Dean Smith turned himself in and was arrested and charged with attempting to intentionally infect hundreds of people (both men and women) in multiple states via unprotected sex. It seems as if the President has his way, people like Smith would not be prosecuted even though he admitted to his acts. Even people like Nadja Benaissa and a female Kenyan college student who openly admit to having sex and (in the case of the Kenya woman) even intentionally infecting people with HIV.

The proper function of government is to protect individual rights. In terms of contagious diseases, it is warranted not only to implement strict quarantines on people who are carrying diseases like Ebola or D68 as well as laws criminalizing the intentional infection of someone with a sexually transmitted disease that can result in death such as HIV. It does not help matters when the Left tries to take blame away from the party or cause of a public health problem and instead downplays the strong likelihood of cultural norms (like body washing) as the root cause of an outbreak like Ebola. This also applies to migrants from outside the US seeking refuge from war-torn countries, like in Central America, and the President not taking the necessary precautions to prevent the introduction or outbreak of a deadly disease like D68.

Publications like Mother Jones publishes commentaries grounded in environmentalist thought to scold people in the West along with the prosperity we enjoy in order to remove blame from where it rightly belongs. President Obama, on the other hand, (who at one point stated vaccines might cause autism) and his friends in the ACLU decide to play Russian Roulette with our health. Obama is reflective of the postmodern liberalism that he and his party stand for since by effectively thrashing Ebola quarantines, seeking to repeal laws that hold people accountable for intentionally infecting the innocent with HIV and refusing to require migrant children from Central America to go through health screenings for diseases like D68 the President and his allies put us all at risk siding with the idea that there is a right to infect. Consequently, doing so imposes a risk on the innocent that they did not consent to. With Election Day coming up on Tuesday, I would ask you keep all these points in mind when casting ballots.