Here come the Ebola conspiracies

I suppose it was just a matter of time. With the recent Ebola outbreak and the public hooked on perspectives that go against the official story, who could resist a juicy story about a conspiracy between the Center for Disease Control, Big Pharma and even the media? I mean attempts to make up the Ebola outbreak in order to regiment and enslave or even kill people sure is a great way to gain publicity isn’t it?

Well that’s exactly what happened with websites who are claiming just such collusion. Child Health Safety, The Liberty Beacon and The Vaccine Information Network aren’t letting this crisis go to waste. Oh but don’t worry, ladies and gentlemen, there are plenty of snake oil … I mean uh … natural alternatives (yeah, right) to the poisons doled out by doctors and hospitals that seek to keep you enslaved to the state. I mean, I am sure taking enough red algae extract, fermented soy and homeopathic spider venom would be enough to do the trick, wouldn’t it? Heck, the globalists might even join in to get in on the act too.

On a more serious note, an Ebola outbreak won’t happen in the United States and anti-vaxxers are concerned about only about publicity and making money off of your fears. There has only been one American who contracted the virus and that was a Texas health care worker who broke protocol. There are also vaccines in development too in Russia and Canada. The reason for the Ebola outbreak is mainly due to an African custom of cleaning a deceased person’s body before burying it. In some cases family members and friends of the deceased will embrace or even kiss the body of the deceased relative or friend on the lips prior to burial. The best way to prevent the disease from breaking out again is to educate Africans to halt this practice.