Aussie government to cut off child care payments to anti-vaxxers

Australian taxpayers will no longer foot the bill to subsidize people who refuse to vaccinate their kids. Under a new proposal by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. The Sydney Morning Herald states that effective January of next year parents who knowingly forgo vaccinations will see their child care and family tax payments of up to $15,000 per child evaporate.

The Herald reports the vaccination rate Down Under is high (97 percent) but the rate of parents registering as conscientious objectors has gone up ten percent resulting 39,000 unvaccinated children under the age of seven. That is a pretty high statistic and critics are already decrying this move as draconian. However, I think it is draconian that parents would leave their kids vulnerable to diseases that could cost their children their lives.

If it is not done already, I think this kind of policy should apply to all recipients of government assistance. This isn’t just a matter of not wanting the tax payers to fund pseudoscience or laziness but also saving the lives of kids and even adults whose immune systems have been compromised or can’t take vaccines. A virus seeks to live like any other life form and if you do not vaccinate yourself you set yourself up to be a host for a virus that can mutate into a deadlier strain that can infect and seriously injure or even kill others. Those of you who think that government or society has no business telling you that you have to vaccinate yourself and your children, your freedom not to vaccinate ends where my microbes begin.