Paul Harvey Explains Independence Day

Have a wonderful Independence Day everyone! However, never forget that the signers of the Declaration of Independence truly paid with their lives fortunes and their sacred honor. By John Trumbull John Trumbull‘s painting, Declaration of Independence, depicting the five-man drafting committee of the Declaration of Independence presenting their work to the Congress. The painting can be found on… Read More Paul Harvey Explains Independence Day

Inside A Ukranian White Supremacist Militia

TIME Correspondent, Simon Shuster, travels to Ukraine in the summer of 2019 to investigate white supremacists militias that are recruiting people to join their fight. PHOTO CREDIT: Soldiers of the Azov Battalion display a flag bearing the emblem of Patriot of Ukraine By Carl Ridderstråle – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The Trucker Convoys Grow While Politician’s Poll Numbers Tank

The trucker convoys and the outpouring of support for them has been nothing short of incredible. While it was thought that the blockade at Ambassador Bridge would give way to police efforts to close it down, protesters continue to hold the line. Consequently, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is seeing his poll numbers crumble and… Read More The Trucker Convoys Grow While Politician’s Poll Numbers Tank