The IPCC Lied!

From Heartland Friend @Naomi Seibt ​, this is the third of her series of “Climate of Freedom” videos with another Heartland friend, the one-and-only Lord Christopher Monckton. Watch as the two dismantle the lies the IPCC has put out over the years.

Hide The Decline: How Climate Change Data Was Faked

This is a terrific video done by Climate Discussion Nexus (CDN) that explains the history of the climate change hysteria in layman’s terms. It reveals how climate scientists deliberately manipulated temperature data. After watching this, you will know what has been going on with the climate change issue and why.

NY Mag: Future With Climate Change Not As Bad As We Thought

Shortly before Christmas, New York Magazine‘s deputy editor and author of a doom-and-gloom green manifesto, David Wallace-Wells, published a telling article that indicates elements of the Left might be conceding the apocalypse they had always pitched resulting from human-caused global warming might not pan out. Wonder of wonders! We’re Getting a Clearer Picture of the… Read More NY Mag: Future With Climate Change Not As Bad As We Thought

Manuscript on Ocean Warming Retracted by “Nature”

The scientific journal Nature has retracted a manuscript accepted for publication during October of last year claiming that oceans are warning faster than many climate models predicted. According to Retraction Watch, the study was immediately noticed by an influential critic named Nic Lewis who stated the paper’s reasoning had numerous errors. Unfortunately, the flaws were… Read More Manuscript on Ocean Warming Retracted by “Nature”