Sorry, Not Sorry, Leftists, “The Ocean Cleanup” System Does Work

Dutch inventor an entrepreneur Boyan Slat took an interest in ocean plastic pollution during 2011 and has made it a project of his to find a solution ever since. Two years later, Slat founded The Ocean Cleanup, a nonprofit engineering and environmental organization to scientifically implement Slat’s vision of removing plastic pollution from waterways before it reaches the ocean.

There were difficulties during the initial release of the first version of Slat’s initial ocean cleanup system known as System 001, but during July of last year, the test runs of System 002 were successful. However, leftists shrugged off Slat’s effort after his first attempt noting what went wrong, but failed to follow up noting his successes since then such as this demonstration that took place out of Victoria, Canada during November of last year.

Boyan Slat has been successful where environmentalists and lawmakers have failed. Small wonder he and his campaign get little media attention.