“Gang Stalking” and Critical Race Theory

Four years ago, The New York Times published a fascinating but harrowing news story highlighting a newly found conspiracy theory genre called gang stalking. People who subscribe to it tend to consider every act on the part of people other than them symbolic of systemic hatred in which it can develop into a kind of … Continue reading “Gang Stalking” and Critical Race Theory

Cancel Culture Psychopaths

It all makes sense now. False accusations driven by moral panic that originated from someone who is really a narcissistic psychopath. Someone who is offended by everything, but ashamed of nothing. https://youtu.be/3jQ9x9gFY7A PHOTO CREDIT: Fanciful representation of the Salem witch trials, lithograph from 1892 By Baker, Joseph E., ca. 1837-1914, artist. - This image is available from … Continue reading Cancel Culture Psychopaths

Blind Obedience and Disinterest Empowers Totalitarianism

This is a very good article revealing the cultural impact the response to the coronavirus pandemic represents. It also aids environmentalists and other Leftist groups too. - GJ The Great UnReason of 2020: The 'Curious, but Quite Authentic, Inability to Think' Remembering Hannah Arendt. Thu May 7, 2020 Jack Kerwick Frontpage Magazine Upon the Nazis’ … Continue reading Blind Obedience and Disinterest Empowers Totalitarianism

Jordan Peterson on “The Arrogance of the Intellect”

In his book Intellectuals and Society, Dr. Thomas Sowell points out that we live in times where intellectuals have quite a bit of influence and he provides an in depth look at and convincingly strips away the veneer of the intellectual class. According to Sowell, the high point of intellectual influence was the period between … Continue reading Jordan Peterson on “The Arrogance of the Intellect”

The fatal flaw in Leftist American politics

What is political extremism? Professor of psychology Jordan Peterson points out that America knows what right-wing radicalism looks like: The doctrine of racial superiority is where conservatives have drawn the line. What’s interesting is that on the conservative side of the spectrum we’ve figured out how to box-in the radicals and say, 'No, you’re outside … Continue reading The fatal flaw in Leftist American politics

Global Warming: a case study in groupthink

A new report published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) shows that both the science and policy of the climate debate are shaped and driven by an almost flawless example of classical Groupthink. Written by one of Britain’s leading newspaper columnists, Christopher Booker, the report is based on research by Professor Irving Janis, the … Continue reading Global Warming: a case study in groupthink