Program Aims To Counsel Federal Employees Who Suffer From “Ecogrief”

Meanwhile, there’s an ecological disaster going on in East Palestine, Ohio. But, have no fear, the Interior Department will ensure any trauma its employees experience due to that and other climate-related events will be addressed.

The Interior Department’s Fish and Wildlife Service is offering “ecogrief” training to employees who are struggling with a sense of trauma or loss as they witness a changing environment.

The class will give staffers a chance to define what they mean by ecological grief, space to examine their emotional reactions and tools to grapple with those feelings, the agency said in a note to employees in the Southwest region, where the training is offered.

Those who sign up will be led to “find ways to act while caring for themselves.”

“This 4-hour workshop seeks to normalize the wide range of emotional responses that conservationists experience while empowering participants to act while taking care of themselves,” the notice said. “The workshop is intended for those experiencing ecological grief and for those who wish to support them.”

Safe spaces and now therapy for federal employees who suffer from anxiety over climate change. The term ecogrief has echoes of this: