BLM “Peaceful Protest” in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

This peaceful protest happened the other day in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and is another demonstration that Black Lives (Don’t) Matter riots are spreading to suburbs. The unrest occurred after a decision was made by the Milwaukee County District Attorney not to charge one of the city’s police officers. During February, Officer Joseph Mensah (who is a… Read More BLM “Peaceful Protest” in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Far-Left Extremism Study Warns of Possible “Mass-Casualty Event”

Three years ago, author Ed Klein discovered an FBI investigation that Leftist activists traveled to the Middle East during the Obama Administration to be trained by Islamic terrorists. When one takes this into account, the tactics outlined by researchers in their manuscript make sense. Report On Rising Far-Left Extremism Raises Concerns Of Possible ‘Mass-Casualty Event’… Read More Far-Left Extremism Study Warns of Possible “Mass-Casualty Event”