Dr. Martin Luther King – I Have A Dream

Today is the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivering his stirring, moving, and infamous I Have A Dream speech during the Civil Rights March in Washington D.C. during 1963. Despite today's racially divisive March on Washington geared to commemorate the historic event, Dr. King's speech is an inspirational, welcoming, hopeful message that deserves … Continue reading Dr. Martin Luther King – I Have A Dream

Kamala Harris Outlines Her Vision For America

Leftist terrorists pillaged and rioted in various cities across America for over three months and last night a bunch of their agitators assaulted U.S. Senator Rand Paul and #WalkAway head Brandon Straka (who is also gay) in Washington D.C. because they hate. These vile scum want to destroy America and Kamala Harris goes on record … Continue reading Kamala Harris Outlines Her Vision For America

Progress With Defunding the Police

At the conclusion of the Republican National Convention this evening, a number of guests were harassed, attacked, or assaulted by Leftist agitators and other terrorists outside the White House. Two months ago, the Minneapolis City Council voted to defund their police department. In this video, Tony Heller looks at the progress they are making towards … Continue reading Progress With Defunding the Police

The Media’s War On Civilization

The press and social media outlets (such as Twitter) are actively working to destroy our civilization, and laughing in our faces at the same time. What social media and mainstream press outlets are doing is exactly what ex-KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov described as part of the Four Stages of Ideological Subversion. https://youtu.be/GNr9NOLW918 https://youtu.be/hOSVI3GZIaE

Fossil Fuels Ended Slavery

Fossil fuels eliminated the need for agricultural slavery, and also saved the whales. Erase history, ban fossil fuels, and slavery becomes a lot easier for the Left to implement. Remember, the Confederate States of America was created to protect slavery and it's founders were all Democrats. https://youtu.be/UVu_NX5xvOU PHOTO CREDIT: Slave auction block, Green Hill Plantation, Campbell … Continue reading Fossil Fuels Ended Slavery

Leftist Melts Down At The Idea That American Exceptionalism is Best

Fox News contributor and hard-core Leftist Donna Brazile demonstrated the Left's typical bait-and-switch after being triggered at the suggestion by Tammy Bruce (a former Leftist) that American exceptionalism, as expressed by Donald Trump's presidency, is the best. Remember, Brazile gave Hillary Clinton debate questions during the Democrat primary four years ago while working at CNN. … Continue reading Leftist Melts Down At The Idea That American Exceptionalism is Best

White Vegans Engage in Cultural Appropriation … No, Really

It was probably bound to happen eventually but I must admit I was kind of caught off guard with this latest intersectional witch hunt. White vegans are the latest group to be subjected to potential accusations of racism but the reasons (accusations really) for it at outlined at Vice are really mind-boggling. From the article: … Continue reading White Vegans Engage in Cultural Appropriation … No, Really

Animal “Rights” Punks Vandalize German Holocaust Memorial

The group Animal Rebellion attempted to conduct a coordinated, world-wide campaign where its activists would target a major, historical edifice and vandalize it somehow with red dye to simulate animal blood. Well of all things their hoodlums in Germany would pick to deface was a Holocaust memorial in Cologne dedicated to the memory of murdered … Continue reading Animal “Rights” Punks Vandalize German Holocaust Memorial