Study: Cleaner Air Results In More Hurricanes

A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) study published in the journal Science Advances reveals global storm activity increasing and decreasing simultaneously that is linked to pollution levels on a regionalized basis, in which researchers examined hurricane activity. PHOTO CREDIT: Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

Erasing The Dust Bowl

NOAA claims this past summer was the hottest on record in the US. In this video, Tony Heller shows how their spectacularly false claim was contrived. PHOTO CREDIT: A dust storm approaches Stratford, Texas, in 1935. By Credit: NOAA George E. Marsh Album – Source: original upload 7 March 2005 in english wikipedia by w:en:User:Brian0918; there… Read More Erasing The Dust Bowl

Power Grid in Multiple Western States At Risk Due To Heatwave

An NBC News report says multiple western states’ power grids are at risk of shutting down due to increased demands for energy resulting from the sweltering heat. For example, as NBC News points out, Portland, Oregon temperatures reached a record high of 116 degrees last week and a Portland-area power company had to install extra… Read More Power Grid in Multiple Western States At Risk Due To Heatwave

A New Fraud Algorithm From NOAA

I’ve been tracking NOAA temperature data tampering for a long time, and it has gotten much worse over the past five years. The US is cooling and NOAA is trying to cover it up by altering the data.