Fracking maybe behind Michigan gas price slump

I am going to take a small break from lambasting environmentalists (no, really) and take time to point out a benefit of industrialization and recent innovation. New out of Michigan points to fracking as being the reason for falling gas prices. Fracking (aka fracturing) is a drilling method whereby water, sand and other chemicals are pumped via rubber piping with a metal device that fractures rock layers or shales located deep below the Earth surface in which the result is the release of oil and natural gas.

Unfortunately but not surprisingly, fracking has invited the ire of environmentalists who have made it a point to not only misrepresent how fracturing works but misrepresent the facts about it. Filmmaker Josh Fox made two movies about fracking but was found to have lied through his teeth.

Despite the lies of it’s opponents, WZZM News cited a AAA report stating that Michigan gas prices will continue to fall for the next month or two. Fracking has been used in almost 80 percent of the oil wells drilled in the state and despite the lies of it’s green detractors, the US Energy Information Administration states that if fracking was not used in oil extraction, the mineral would be $50 more per barrel. The result being gas prices would be $4 per gallon at the pump.