Greenpeace’s attack on tuna fishing

In what one would think is a fight reserved for PETA, Greenpeace has opened a melee with the tuna industry over the way tuna are caught. The group alleges that many tuna manufacturers contract out to fishing companies who use fish aggregating devices (aka FADs).

FADs are devices used to lure fish (such as tuna or mahi-mahi) that usually consist of bouys org floats tethered to the ocean floor with concrete blocks. Greenpeace’s hangup is that FADs attract more than fish (aka bycatch) and released a video condemning the practice because of animals other than pelagic fish being caught. The National Fishing Institute responded saying that FADs are hardly used anymore but the purse seining method is utilized instead which results in much less bycatch.

While responding to Greenpeace’s accusations, the NFI also slammed the eco-wackos stating their video condemning FADs was deceptive and if the usage of FADs was stopped, it would increase the carbon footprint of fishing vessels. Older techniques, like pole and line, are not as efficient and use four times the amount of fuel than purse seining or FADs. Below is the NFI video that refutes Greenpeace point-by-point.

It seems like NFI prevailed in this debate but this goes to show the nihilism of groups like Greenpeace. It’s obvious Greenpeace not only did not have their facts straight but their end goal was to make it harder for companies to catch fish humans like to consume and make money in the process.