Greenpeace employee implicated in vote fraud plot

Project Veritas head James O’Keefe has stung three people who are employees of Democrat Party support groups – Work for Progress, Greenpeace and Rep. Joe Salazar’s campaign – in which all three people are implicated in a plot to commit vote fraud in Colorado.

Back in 2012, the Left laughed at allegations of vote fraud that occurred during that time denouncing such accusations as conspiracy theories. Now, after some convictions for the act, here is more proof. Think that any of the Left’s defenders in the media will deny this new evidence? Probably, but they will have a hard time doing so. What is shocking is that all three of the people in this video are employees of the groups they represent, including and especially Greenpeace. That means their employers would probably have gone along with the plan O’Keefe lays out had they not been caught.