Greenpeace seeks to shut down

No, the title of this post is not slanted nor incorrect. If one considers the logic behind Greenpeace’s coordinated campaign to demonize’s Fire smart phone you will see how the group is attempting to shut down the internet’s largest retailer. Wired magazine reports that the eco-wacko group Greenpeace is spearheading an effort to convince its membership to give bad reviews of’s latest version of it’s Fire smart phone due to the fact that the company’s huge cloud infrastructure is powered by oil and gas rather than renewable energy sources.

Overall, green energy sources are a bust not just for consumers but also for governments that subsidize them. Just last year it was reported that Europe is turning away from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and natural gas due to the economic realities (i.e. cost) associated with them. In most cases utility bills have spiked that nearly resulted in backlash against the politicians who implemented the new policies to begin with. Also, European budgets have been severely strained by the economic recession the continent is in that countries like Germany and Spain had to scale back green subsidies for projects like wind and solar facilities to provide power to their citizens. Regardless if their budgets are strained or not, the fact is green energy is a fraud and Europe is finally coming to that realization. Environmentalists are not because they hate the idea of people prospering by using the Earth’s natural resources.

In light of the failures of co-called renewable energy sources, one can only conclude that Greenpeace seeks to shut down since they know so-called green energy is a fraud. The fact that environmentalists continue to push their green energy schemes despite clear evidence that wind, solar and even natural gas are not adequate sources to power the needs of humans is another example as to where their loyalties lie. In this case it is targeting the internet’s largest retailer in hopes of dragging them down by trying to force them to power their computer cloud infrastructure using energy sources not adequate to’s needs. Like the good Eco-Nazis they are environmentalists keep plugging away. Today, Amazon tomorrow the world!