NumbersUSA’s latest anti-immigration rant

NumbersUSA has taken it upon itself to lambast the federal government for spending $10 billion on refugee resettlements pointing out the feds under estimated the cost at $1 billion. I am sure they could take their logic to accuse the federal government of under estimating the cost intentionally, but as near as I can tell they don’t. However, it is not spending per se the group reels against but the fact that the money is being spent on immigrants. The group is one of three that are dedicated to drastic reductions in immigration levels.

Believe it or not, NumbersUSA along with the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) are the product of environmentalist activism too. The groups were started by a retired ophthalmologist and environmental activist out of Michigan named John Tanton. Tanton served on the board of Zero Population Growth (now re-named Population Connection) and was active with the Sierra Club for a time. At some point during his activism he decided to address immigration which he concluded was a threat to the environment. More migrants, in his view, means more population and environmental degradation.

The result of Tanton’s leaving his ideological homes resulted in the creation of US English, CIS, FAIR and NumbersUSA. Each of these groups have had an enormous combined impact on nativist sentiments on the Left and Right in their quest to reduce numbers of legal and illegal immigration. The latter three spinning false Malthusian assumptions that Earth’s resources are limited and a country’s quality of life and environment are negatively impacted by increased numbers of legal and illegal immigrants.

The Southern Poverty Law Center obtained some of Tanton’s written correspondence. The group uncovered evidence not only communications but also close ties with heads of a eugenics foundation described as a Neo-Nazi front group. According to the SPLC, Tanton’s affiliations with white supremacist groups include not only meeting but even vacationing with their leaders as well furthering proposals based on their ideas. Tanton’s organizations have also been the recipients of grants from the Pioneer Fund which has conducted research trying to prove a link between race and intelligence. Additionally, in 2004 Tanton helped influence an effort of anti-immigrant environmentalists who unsuccessfully attempted to take over the board of the Sierra Club.

Oddly enough, at his website Tanton pitches himself as pro-immigration. However, an examination of his views and activities leaves something to be desired with that claim. Not only are environmentalists attacking our food supply (i.e. GMO’s), our medical care (i.e. anti-vaccine), our quality of life (i.e. urban sprawl), they are also attacking if we choose to associate with foreigners or allow people to migrate into the United States. Immigration is the elephant in the room and the dirty little secret in environmentalist circles since if people are viewed as a cancer that includes immigrants too. Efforts to beat back attempts of hostile takeovers of groups, like the Sierra Club, will only delay the inevitable. People like John Tanton and groups like Sierrans for US Population Stabilization are on firmer ideological and ethical grounds. The ethics of environmentalism are anti-human to its core. This being the case, at some point the movement’s complete and open opposition to immigration like John Tanton is conducting is not too far off.