PETA slams “One Direction” for using chimp in video

The English-Irish pop-rock band One Direction has drawn the ire of PETA. Despite producer’s assurances of no harm to the animal, the human hate group is up in arms over the use of a chimpanzee in a music video for their song entitled Steal My Girl. Consequently, PETA took it upon itself to take out a full page ad in The Hollywood Reporter disputing assurances that the chimp was not harmed.

PETA claims that Steve Martin’s Working Wildlife supplied the chimp and has been cited numerous times by the USDA for animal mistreatment, an accusation Martin’s group denies.

The production company that made One Direction‘s video responded to PETA’s accusations stating (in part):

Equally as imperative to us in choosing Steve Martin, was that he maintains a spotless on-set accident-free record which spans over 44 years of exemplary and highly respected work in the motion picture, television, commercial and video production industry.

“Nothing is more valuable to our productions than ensuring the safety for our all of our crew and cast, especially the safety of our cast members provided by Steve Martin.

Another instance of PETA lying to make their case. Meantime, as an act of solidarity toward One Direction and musicians everywhere in support of their right to use animals in music videos, enjoy the Steal My Girl video in its entry below.