Western Civility Not Left-Wing Savagery

The Left's origins were a reaction to the Enlightenment, in which the fountainhead of their movement is Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The Left is fundamentally opposed to rationality as evidenced by their hostility to science, technology and, civilization. Instead they teach that primitive cultures (i.e. the barbaric or savage) are the ideal human condition. Regardless if it … Continue reading Western Civility Not Left-Wing Savagery

The War on Humans

Back in 2014, the Discovery Institute released a film titled The War on Humans. In brief, but descriptive, detail the movie shows how and why animal rights and other environmentalist groups seek to give legal rights to animals and other forms of nature. This as part of a larger effort to eradicate human populations. However, … Continue reading The War on Humans

PETA slams “One Direction” for using chimp in video

The English-Irish pop-rock band One Direction has drawn the ire of PETA. Despite producer's assurances of no harm to the animal, the human hate group is up in arms over the use of a chimpanzee in a music video for their song entitled Steal My Girl. Consequently, PETA took it upon itself to take out … Continue reading PETA slams “One Direction” for using chimp in video