Andrew Wakefield paid $316k to administer autism grants

I swear I am in the wrong business. I am just way too honest to blog about stuff like this and not get paid. Left Brain, Right Brain reports that autism quack Andrew Wakefield has taken a position with the group Strategic Autism Initiative and will be paid $316,000 to administer $80k in grants paid out by SAI.

Despite contributions to SAI were down significantly and that the autism-vaccine claim has been thoroughly refuted, the group still issues grants in the hopes of demonstrating a link between vaccines and autism.

UPDATE: Wakefield doesn’t just work for SAI, he started the group in 2010. The organization’s goals sound reasonable and he obviously had fundraising skills that have benefited him handily. However, its obvious Wakefield’s latest scheme is a way to fleece parents of autistic kids who think vaccines were the cause.