Animal “rights” idiots arrested at Toronto slaughter house

Local human hate group activists in Toronto took it upon themselves to protest at an area slaughter house Thursday. They decided to gather St. Helen’s Meat Packers at about 8am and just before 10am and, according to CityNews Toronto, the protesters decided to become aggressive. Seven people were arrested for mischief, two out of the seven were also arraigned on assault charges. A female officer was kicked in the stomach by one protester while the same cop was then punched in the face by another.

The protesters decided to sit in a line across the entrance to the facility in order to block trucks from delivering cattle. Police pulled them away when trucks began backing up through the gate. One protester named Henry is quoted as saying:

If you abuse one animal, you get in trouble. Meanwhile, we are being arrested for trying to prevent violent slaughter of innocent, gentle animals. Police are protecting the industry that routinely abuses and viciously slaughters the cows.

Notice the religious fervor that these extremists conduct themselves. The callous, unrelenting manner and extent to which they wish to see slaughter houses that (admittedly) kill animals for humans to consume. If Greenpeace isn’t seeking to shut down fishing boats or restrict the practice while sanctioning attacks on labs that experiment on bio-tech foods for people to eat, these wackos attack our ability to consume meat.