UK animal “rights” groups want TB outbreak

Opposition parties in Britain’s parliament made an issue of expenditures paid out for a recent government sponsored badger hunt. According to the UK Telegraph, almost 1,900 badgers were killed but the overall cost to the government was £6.3 million averaging approximately £3,350 per badger.

The hunt was the result of a recent tuberculosis outbreak attributed to badger contact among domesticated animals that spread even to infect humans which occurred in England in March. The spending should be scrutinized since the hunt was the result of heavy monitoring to ensure humaneness including autopsies performed on dead badgers. What was also reported by The Telegraph is that so-called animal rights activists were diametrically opposed to the hunt. So much so that they worked to prevent the killings.

By default, the groups that opposed the hunt want a tuberculosis outbreak with the end goal of it infecting and (hopefully) killing human beings. The TB outbreak is usually limited to cats and cattle but, as The Telegraph points out, it is the first time humans have been affected. This being the case, it is no coincidence that animal right groups opposed the hunt. Rather than love animals, so-called animal rights groups and their activists ultimately hate humans.