The significance of Anne Glover’s sacking

Anti-science forces scored a victory this past week. A British biologist named Anne Glover would not have her appointment renewed as the European Union’s Chief Scientific Adviser due to intense lobbying by anti-GMO forces, lead by Greenpeace no less. This effort obviously was payback on the part of the eco-fascists resulting from Prof. Glover’s remarks correctly pointing out that opposing genetically modified foods was a form of madness.

People in the scientific field across Europe are utterly disappointed by Ms. Glover’s sacking. As a result, not only has her position been formally abolished but it removes a primary voice who can give objective, scientific advice on EU policy. Including, and especially, on the production and distribution of genetically modified foods. It is also an indication of where groups, like Greenpeace, ultimately side and it goes to show the kind of political correctness that has infected Europe. Ms. Glover lost an important policy position because she told the truth.

Environmentalist groups state that they do not consider Prof. Glover’s ouster a victory. According to BBC, green groups counter that the EU already has a process to review evidence and asses risks. They further claim the office Glover occupied added to the confusion if controversy broke out in Europe’s parliament on policy matters. Regardless if she did or not, the group responsible for her ouster (Greenpeace) is responsible for the starvation and deaths of hundreds of thousands of people resulting from their opposition to GMO foods. Prof. Glover’s termination from the EU is also indicative of how intollerant environmentalist groups are of criticism. Sadly, the European Union has one less, high-profile voice for reason and lost a central speaker for science and objectivity in a legislative body that represents a continent that is drowning in multiculturalism.