Animal “rights” groups want you to die and take your coat!

The Tennessean reports a physicians group called Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine recently decried Vanderbilt University’s use of live sheep in training doctors on medical procedures alleging the practice goes against USDA rules and the availability of non-animal methods. The group states they will file a complaint with the USDA. I am sure Vanderbilt is shaking in their booties.

Meanwhile, Vanderbilt’s Medical Center responded by saying their ability to use live animals is legit and has not raised any concern. The University responded to the accusations by saying:

There are inaccuracies in the letter the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine provided to The Tennessean,” Howser said in an email. “The training protocol identified in the letter, taught periodically at VUMC, uses a combination of non-animal (simulated) and animal models to teach life-saving techniques to emergency medicine first responders who work in the field saving the lives of Middle Tennesseans every day. A USDA veterinary medical officer periodically performs focused inspections on our teaching/training protocols, including this protocol. During inspections of this training protocol the USDA closely reviewed the rationale for using animals during portions of the training and found nothing of concern.

In England, twenty so-called animal rights demonstrators gathered to protest at local high end clothing stores in Liverpool, England last week. According to the Liverpool Echo, it was part of a day of action for the PETA-affiliated Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade in order to condemn the usage of fur in clothing. Two stores, Flannels and Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar, in the Liverpool city center are accused of selling clothes made from animal fur. Flannels stands accused of breaking a no-fur policy pledge the store chain made in 2013.

I do not condone Flannels’ breaking its promise if what the animal rights groups say is accurate. However, I have no doubt that the human haters who made the accusation about Flannels promising not to carry fur coats is lying. Clothes made from fur are not only very well made they can be warmer than most jackets. Even sheep wool is known for how it keeps people warm too but the eco-wackos at PETA would probably oppose even that. The Liverpool protesters got out of hand to the point where three were arrested. Details of what lead to their arrest are not available.

If I were to write a book, I think I would entitle it with a hat tip to the great atheist author Christopher Hitchens: Gaia is not Great: How Environmentalism Poisons Everything. As you can see from this and other posts, groups who subscribe to environmentalism seek to penetrate just about every aspect of our lives in an attempt to control them. In the above cases, they will seek to diminish your healthcare by stopping animal testing and then take your coat if you are wearing fur!